Omny Co., Ltd.(Manufacturer)


Omny is a professional manufacturer of medical home care equipment producing a wide array of wheel chairs and individual rehabilitation products for over 17 years. We have specialized manufacturing facilities in both Taiwan and China and pride ourselves in providing customers top quality products and service at best possible competitive prices. This is how we at Omny have earned our excellent reputation from our world wide customer base.

Crutches: American-Style Steel Forearm Crutch, European-Style Forearm Crutch, Aluminum Arm Crutch

Canes: Quad Cane, European-Style Quad Cane, Bariatric Quad Cane, Folding Cane, Round Handle Cane,Offset Handle Aluminum Cane, Plastic Handle Cane, Wooden Handle Cane (Designer Color), Round Handle Cane(Designer Color)

Walkers: Folding Walker Single H-Crossbar, 1 Button, Deluxe Folding Walker, Two Button, Folding Walker Two Crossbar, 2 Button, Fixed Walker, Fixed Walker with Plateform, Walker, Designer Color

Bath Seats: Bath Seat with Back, KD, Bath Seat without Back, KD, Transfer Shower Bench with Back, Transfer Bench, Heavy Duty, KD, Transfer Shower Bench with Back, KD, Transfer Bench, Padded, Transfer Bench, Padded, KD,
Bath Stool, Bath Stool, KD

Rails: Tub Rails, Grab Bars, Toilet Safety Frame, Deluxe Wall Grab Bars

Commodes: Aluminum Commode, Deluxe Aluminum Commode with Casters, KD, Commode, Folding, with Deep Seat, Chromed Commode, Steel with Wheels, Commode, Heavy Duty, Steel, Deluxe Steel Drop-Arm Commode, KD

Toilet Seats: Elevated Toilet Seat, with Removable Arms, Elevated Toilet Seat without Arms, Elevated Toilet Seat Economic, Raised Toilet Seat

Medical Aid: I.V. Pole, Bed Rail, No-Gap, Half, Brown Vein, T-style Half Rail, Bed Assist Rail, Home Bed Assist Rail & Folding Bed Board Combo, Home Bed Assist Handle, Adjusted, Bed Assist Rail, Adjusted, Cylinder Cart

Accessories: Crutch Tip, Forearm Crutch Tip, Walker Tip, Cane Tip, Tip for Small Quad Cane, Tip for Large Quad Cane, Small Suction Tip, Rubber Tip, Large Suction Tip, Glide Cap, Wheels, Rolated Wheels, Universal Wheels, Leg Tubing, Foamed Pad, Foamed Grip, Crutch Pad, Crutch Grip, Cane Rope Loop, Seat Belt, Wheel Lock Extensions, Bucket with Cover, Steel Cuff, Steel Cuff, Wooden Cane Handle, Steel Cane Handle with PVC Covered, E-shaped Cane Handle

Ramps/Reachers: Wheelchair ramp, Reaching Tool